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Vicki was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Calgary, Alberta with her family at the start of her teen years.  After graduating highschool, Vicki was accepted to Katimavik-a government volunteer program for youth that had her living in 3 different communities in Canada with 11 other young Canadians.  It was this experience with Katimivik that introduced Vicki to her first passion-Massage Therapy. In 2003, Vicki moved to Lethbridge, Alberta and it was here that she attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Massage and received her Certificate of Massage Therapy. Vicki is a Registered massage therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) and has been voted best of the best with the Lethbridge Sun Times as RMT of the year in 2012.

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Mother Nurture Offerings

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is available, as well as pre and postnatal massage treatments. Massage is available in 30 minute, 45 minutes, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions.

30 Minute Treatment - $50

45 Minute Treatment - $60

60 Minute Treatment - $80

90 Minute Treatment - $110

Pre-paid packages are also available at a discounted price.

Direct billing is available for ASEBP, Great West Life and Chamber of Commerce, if applicable.

Massage Therapy by appointment only.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone looking for a doula.

I met Vicki at a baby trade show and met with her shortly after to learn more about what a doula has to offer. My husband and I  really liked Vicki from the first meeting and hired her right away. Working with Vicki was wonderful. She was informative, kind and non judgmental. She was also available for questions, and would return my call right away which was very reassuring. When the big day came, Vicki met us at the hospital where my induction was scheduled. Vicki offered great support to me as well as my husband and she reassure both of us during labor. She advocated for me to try different positions when the nurse told me I had to stay on the bed and couldn’t get up or move around. Vicki was there throughout labour supporting me, reminding me to breathe and helping me try different positions to reduce the pain. She was even able to stop my back labour by changing positions, which I am so grateful for. Vicki was very in tune with everything I needed during my induction. I found that at some points I couldn’t speak and Vicki instinctively knew what I needed. She was there throughout the induction and helped my husband with skin to skin contact after our son was born via c-section. After his birth she regularly checked in, visited and was extremely supportive. She also wrote a beautiful birth story for us as a keepsake.

I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone looking for a doula. She is amazing and I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t there. I can’t say enough good things about her she’s an amazing doula!!

-First Time Mom

I am a single mother who was going to the delivery room with my parents!

I am a single mother who was going to the delivery room with my parents! But we take care of my mentally ill grandmother so I thought it would be best to have back up. A friend recommended Vicki, I contacted, we met and I am not sorry I hired her! I ended up having pro-longed labor which lasted four days! Vicki was with me throughout those long days and met me at the hospital ANYTIME I called her. She got me through those days and by the time I gave birth, I felt mentally prepared thanks to her. She made what I thought would be the most terrifying experience ended up being not so bad! She got me through it. Also, she’s a total birth nerd which is awesome!

-First Time Mom

Vicki was a great support for the birth of our first child.

Vicki was a great support for the birth of our first child.  Having someone who was familiar with the birth process, hospital, processes at the hospital, etc was so helpful.  It was nice not to have to worry about the little things.  She had a calm presence and was never intrusive but was also very supportive at the same time.  I feel because of her support, we were able to have a natural, drug free birth, which is exactly what we hoped for!

-first time mom

Vicki was so amazing, and we were so lucky to have her as our doula.

I honestly don’t know where to begin. Vicki was so amazing, and we were so lucky to have her as our doula. She was so incredibly helpful the whole pregnancy; with tips to help with some of the discomforts, and amazing advice to help put fears and nervousness to rest. As first-time parents, it was so helpful to have someone on our side and to have that resource of knowledge.

Our labour did not go at all as expected, and Vicki stuck with us through all 3 days…from the very beginning right until the end. We had some difficult decisions to make, and Vicki helped us to stay calm and to make sure we were comfortable with our options. She was such a huge support, not only for me, but for my husband as well. He has mentioned to me many times that he was so happy that Vicki was there, and that he doesn’t know how he would have done it without her. I know how he feels!

I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough. We were so lucky to have her share in our birthing experience. She is truly gifted in what she does, and we are so thankful she was a part of our journey.


-First Time Mom

A doula was something I thought only “hippies” and “new age” parents hired.

Prior to meeting Vicky, a doula was something I thought only “hippies” and “new age” parents hired, not something that I would have considered for myself. However, after prenatal classes, my husband and I both felt we needed an advocate to help ensure our wishes for our babies’ arrival were supported in our delivery room. Vicky not only was a wealth of knowledge about everything baby, but she was so grounding in how she normalized the delivery process and the birthing experience. She took the time to really get to know our wishes and was an invaluable support person during our delivery. Vicky never was there to get in the way of the medical team nor was she there to push her values onto us, but was a gentle support to help ensure our birthing process was as close to our wishes as possible. She was the calm and level head in the room to ask the questions that we were too overwhelmed to think of and coached us gently and compassionate through the most difficult and exhilarating experience of our lives. I find it very difficult to encapsulate how invaluable Vicky was to our birthing experience but I can say that we would not want to go through labour without her as a key part of our team and we are so grateful to her for her support.

-First Time Mom

Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude we have.

“When we first found out we were pregnant, we never could have imagined how amazing the journey would have been.  From the very first meeting we had with you, we knew that you would be integral in our development as new parents.  Because of you, we were educated on the various options, philosophies and theories of birth, and it is because of this education that we were able to have such a positive and empowering birth of our daughter.


Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude we have for you being in our lives at this time.  Having you allowed Lance to be the support that I needed from him, and allowed him to excel at being such a great husband.  Communicating with you throughout the day of our daughter’s birth allowed us both to feel confident and powerful enough to stay home until the very end, allowing our time in the hospital to be brief.  Having you in the room, massaging my back, giving me words of encouragement and support, and reminding me to “breathe” especially when moments of panic overtook me, was priceless and gave me the will and ability to have the natural childbirth that we had envisioned(yet never really thought would happen.)


You, and the wonderful service you provide as a doula, is more than we could have ever imagined.  I look back at the birth of our beautiful daughter and I feel powerful as a woman, that I was able to do something so amazing without any interventions.  We have talked with other couples, and have highly recommended a doula, and especially you, with the birth of their child.  We are so grateful for having you!  You will forever be a part of our family!”


First Time Mom

My second daughter’s birth was a far more positive experience because of your presence.

“Thank-you, Vicki for the wonderful experience and the whole-hearted coaching you’ve provided to us.  My second daughter’s birth was a far more positive experience because of your presence.”

-second time mom-


Vicki and came up with a birth plan and alternatives.

Vicki was recommended to me via my new mother-in-law, who is a reflexologist and nurse. She had heard good things about Vicki and thought she could be helpful to me during the birth of my daughter. My situation may have been a little different than most, as I have an extreme phobia of needles and being cut. To add to the problem, it had been 18 years since my last delivery and I viewed it as a traumatic experience, even though there had been no needles or IV’s or stitches. After my first massage with Vicki I knew right away she was extremely knowledgeable and supportive and I was excited to have her on my side for what was, to me, going to be a terrifying, but inevitable day of labour. My fiance and I met with Vicki and came up with a birth plan and alternatives to different situations that may arise. I was two weeks overdue but she continued to comfort and listen to me when I felt I couldn’t do it. In the end, of course, with much thanks to her… great success! She was there for us in every way and got us through what could have been a dangerous birth, but with a few minor detours along the way, went almost exactly as planned. I truly contribute a lot of this to Vicki and her calm nature. She also has a great ability to speak to the nurses and doctor; I believe they were thankful she was there as well. Nothing but glowing reviews on mine, Jason and baby Dylan’s part! You were a pillar during a day neither of us will ever forget! *hugs from all three of us


-second time mom

Because of a fabulous doula like Vicki, the birth of my daughter was a miraculous experience.

A friend who is also a nurse first mentioned the idea of having a doula at the birth of our first child and I am so glad we decided to. From the moment we met Vicki she was easy to talk to, explained things in a way that didn’t make you feel pressured at all and helped us to come with a birth plan my husband and I felt really good about. Because of a fabulous doula like Vicki, the birth of my daughter was a miraculous experience; we felt calm, reassured and amazed at how natural the whole process was. Vicki guided my husband and I through different techniques to deal with the stages of labour and we had a drug free delivery which was our plan! I especially liked how she led me through breathing techniques during the most intense moments and she did it in such a gentle, respectful way. We are happy to have Vicki supporting us through our second pregnancy, and delivery next spring. Both my husband and I were great full for her guidance and support, and he never felt like she was doing his job, in fact she explains that her job is to make the partner look good, it was true!


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